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Vision, Mission and Objectives


To monitor Saudi women development, and support them to reach their highest potential and strengthen  their role in society both economically and socially.


To provide decision-makers and development sectors with up-to-date precise and  detailed indicators for women participation in the national development.


•   Observing and highlighting the participation of Saudi women in development.

•   Identifying and establishing national indicators to record and observe women's participation in development.

•    Updating the index and its indicators periodically.

•    Providing decision-makers and beneficiaries with data to support women's participation in development.

•    Preparing the statistical methods and studies to promote women's participation in development.

•    Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, and discussion to provide recommendations and specialized studies.

•    Evaluating the exciting women's participation in development programs

•    Reflect the national image of KSA in the global indices.

•    Cooperating with partners to provide and exchange information.


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Vision, Mission and Objectives